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This Thing Called Life

This thing called life

Every notice how a lot of stress, strife and grumbling goes on around us about this thing called life?

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Is it me, or do you notice a lot of mumbling and muttering in real life, standing in line at the store, blaring to us on the tv or even littered on social media?

All this is taking its toll.
You’re growing weary, tired, and sad.
Next thing you know, you’re grumbling too,
snapping at the kids,
wishing the day would hurry up and be over.
Looking for the next cup of coffee to stay alive.

Life has grown to be UNhappy.

Wait, you never meant for things to get like this!
You didn’t plan to be upset, or frustrated,
or constantly waiting for things to just be better than they are.

What are we to do?!

We were there.

Fed up.
Fed up with all the no’s,
all the can’ts,
all the yuck.

One day, we just said, that’s enough.
We need happy.
But wait!
Wait, not just us, PEOPLE need happy!

And we asked, what can we do to add to human happiness?

That was the start of The Happy Bohemian by John and Alicia.

A place – Pop Up shop and virtual world (website)
where people come to visit – meet us in person or click in online
to find their happy – A fun place to browse and smile, find special things to hold on to that make you smile, bring you joy, and be a bright light in this thing called life.

Our mission : adding to human happiness.

No one leaves without a smile! 🙂

Where do you start? Where do we start?

Well, in the style of Alice in Wonderland, why we start at the start, of course! 🙂
What makes you smile?
Stop and think for a moment. In the middle of the day,
when it seems like all has gone just wrong,
what one thing can happen that will make you smile? Got it? Drop it in the comments. 👇👇👇👇👇 We can build on that!

Let’s get started! (visit here again to keep going towards happy)

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John & Alicia



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