picture of John and Alicia DR Hankins

About Us

John and Alicia DR Hankins are artists and small boutique owners
bringing you Happy Stuff Only with bohemian style and happy inspiration!
Featuring interchangeable magnetic jewelry and beautiful varieties of ways
for you to Find Your Happy. 🙂

John and Alicia live their mission
to help you find your happy
and empower your soul.

We have spent years creating things and years in direct sales.
After successfully promoting other businesses, we looked really hard, inward
and just decided one day in January 2017 that it’s time to do it solo.

We created The Happy Bohemian by John and Alicia
to help others take charge in this world of stress, chaos and strife.

We focus on bright happy color palettes,
inspirational items for everyday life,
and sharing our blog about ways to find happiness in  life.

Do things to bring happiness to yourself, to others, adding to human happiness. No one leaves our shop without a smile. 🙂
John and Alicia DR Hankins


So take a look around,
there are treasures everywhere,
what will you find?







Please visit their website,
call, text or email
to find out more about their happiness products,
services and opportunities.
a l i c i a @ a l i c i a d r h a n k i n s (dot) c o m