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Start at the Start of Course

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Start at the Start of Course

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Start at the start of course

Last time on the blog, you asked, where do we start.
The answer, was simple, in the style of Alice in Wonderland, “start at the start of course”!

What? Wait a minute, what does that mean?!
Oh, if it were only that easy, right?

Because if it was, we’d have a world filled with overjoyed,
fully satisfied, perpetually happy people.

Um. Yeah.

So, let’s agree on this.

Happiness is a brief state of mind where we feel elated, excited, joyful, content.
It shows up, happens and flashes away.

So, that means we can
1. Find it.
2. Experience it.
Then revisit it, make it happen again.
And to be happy for a longer amount of time,
we just need to find more moments, experience it,
and tie them all together to make a bigger longer time of happiness!

Like, connect-the-dots!
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Make sense?


With that in mind, as the start, think of just one, tiny, little thing, that makes you happy, makes you smile.
What is it?
Shouting it out will make your brain learn it! Drop it in the comments.

That’s where you’ll start.

Congratulations, you’ve taken your first step!

Keep going onward to happy, visit here again to take the next steps.

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